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Current Projects
In September 2011, we began our first project in three communities in the Ituri region of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). These conflict-affected communities are: Bogoro, Vilo, and Kagaba. Click here to learn more about these communities and the conflicts that have surrounded them. 

Before the most recent conflict began, these three communities would often participate in sporting events, however, virtually all recreational activities have come to an end as a result of the unresolved conflict and consequences of war. There are currently soccer fields in Bogoro, Vilo, and Kagaba but they are in damaged and neglected condition due to war and inactivity.  It is our goal to develop these fields and use soccer to educate youth on four principles of reconciliation: peace, justice, truth, and mercy. We will develop this program on-the-ground with the help of our partner Synergie Simama.

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